Everything You Must Know About YK11 – Expert Review

YK11 is very popular among bodybuilders. It has helped many aspiring fitness professionals to realize their mental and physical potential. No side effects caused by the consumption of YK11, which is a contributor to its popularity.

The face value of YK11 is like any other regular SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) but if you take a closer look you would realize that this compound stands out from the rest.

In this article, we will talk about everything that you must know about YK11 and how it can benefit you.

What is YK11?


YK11 is a muscle gainer drug that helps bodybuilders gain body muscles quickly, without having to suffer from any side effects.

A cellular study found that YK11 leads to an increase in muscle mass by growing Follistatin in the body which is a widely known muscle-building protein. Another study shows that it also stimulates proteins that help in building bones and improving bone health.

Consumers who have used YK11 attest its amazing ability to cut down body fat. This is a very effective muscle gaining drug without any observable side effects. But since there are human or animal studies that back these claims, the accuracy is yet to be established.

Just like many other SARMs, even YK11 is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency i.e. it is not for athletes and professional bodybuilders.

How Does YK11 Work?

The chemical structure of YK11 is very similar to that of DHT and this is seen by the way it sticks to the androgen receptors. You would be aware that our bodies produce DHT that promotes hair growth, puberty development and takes care of our prostate.

If this drug is classified under SARM, then it would be the strongest of its kind. And it is so because YK11 partially activates the androgen receptors thereby causing the catabolic androgenic activity to rise steeply. In addition to this, it also inhibits myostatin.

Researchers conducted a detailed study on how YK11 builds muscle. The study revealed that it works to increase follistatin levels in our bodies. The main job of follistatin is to keep a check on myostatin in the human body.

Since YK11 is the only drug with the ability to inhibit myostatin, it’s highly popular among fitness enthusiasts.

The evidence speaks about the bone growth promoting capabilities of YK11 too.

What Are The Benefits Of YK11?

Benefits are what sell a product and YK11 has a lot of them. Let us take a look at all the benefits that this drug can bring to us:

Build Muscles

Although YK11 is not a SARM, it can easily stimulate muscle growth. In fact, it is as strong as the S3. Our bodies build muscles with the help of follistatin and YK11 increases the follistatin content in the body thereby showing visible muscle growth.

Follistatin is also tasked with suppressing myostatin which opens a lot of scope for muscle growth. But if by any way the effects of follistatin are inhibited, then myostatin suppression cannot happen, which would make YK11 ineffective.

Our bodies build muscles with the help of follistatin and YK11 increases the follistatin content in the body thereby showing visible muscle growth.

Anecdotal evidence is available on bodybuilder forums online that say that the users have witnessed a good amount of fat loss and 15lbs of lean muscle development over a short period.

Strengthens the Bones

You would know that human bones are maintained through the sex hormones present in our bodies. If you don’t have good sex hormones going your way, your bone structure will shout out aloud. In other words, sex hormones are very important for ensuring healthy & strong bones.

YK11 binds itself to androgen receptors (that most SARMs do) and thereby strengthens our bones.

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Besides this, it also hikes activated PKB (protein kinase B) level in our body’s cells to help the growth and upkeep of bone cells.

Let us not ignore the fact that bones form the basic structure of our bodies. They give us the strength to work out, move and even work on our day to day tasks. Thus, it is vital for us to not suffer any fractures. YK11 also assists in this regard by mitigating bone fragility.

What Is The Dosage Of YK11?

Bodybuilders that have taken YK11 say that they took doses of 10-15 mg in a day and it worked fine for them. Others have reported positive effects with 5 mg of dose as well.

Although dosage is an important factor of consuming any enhancement drug, no one has reported any side effects resulting from dosage. However, the dosage should not be fluctuating and it must be taken in a standard and disciplined manner.

Most consumers have cycled it for 4-8 weeks. I have also heard from users that have stacked different SARMs together.

The half-life of YK11 is not known yet because there is very little information available on this. But most users prefer to split their doses into two times a day.

On stacking it with other SARMs such as Andarine and RAD-140 with lower doses of YK11 – I would not recommend stacking such drugs together and suffering from troublesome side effects.

The idea is to build a nice body and you should be on the right track to achieve it.

Are There Any Side Effects of Consuming YK11?

Till now, YK11 has only been used for cellular studies. There is no real clinical proof or even animal studies available to support the claims made about this drug. You must think properly before researching with this compound.

Perhaps you may also learn about other such compounds such as Ligandrol and Ostarine as a good amount of research and information is present for these.

I have heard about YK11 proving toxic to the liver in some cases. Hypothetically, it may have some amount of impact on vocal cords, hair growth, prostate and other essential organs of the human body.

What Is The Best Place To Buy YK11?

Since YK11 is categorized as a research chemical, you should only buy from trusted sources and not just from anywhere.

Wherever you buy it from, you should keep the following factors in your mind:

  1. The authenticity of the Product
  2. The reputation of the vendor
  3. Ingredients Information/Label on the Packaging
  4. Expiry Information
  5. How to Store it

Apart from this, you must also make sure that you get the appropriate amount of dosage and not default with your intake.

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I must tell you that there are a lot of crooks and fraud vendors in the market who never let go of any opportunity to misguide you, loot you and sell you the wrong drug. Do not fall into such traps and always buy only from approved sources.


Undoubtedly, YK11 is the strongest muscle gainer compound available in the market right now. It has a lot of benefits and can develop lean muscles on your body. However, since we don’t have a lot of information on this product, we can’t perform a comparison of YK11 with other SARMs yet.

If you are interested in finding out more about this drug, read more about it and get in touch with clinical companies about its research. Alternatively, you can also consider other SARMs in the market; however, they would not as effective and helpful as YK11.

Overall, it’s your body and you must do everything you can to bring it to its best shape and form. Working out regularly would help you both mentally and physically. Plus, there is no denying the fact that YK11 can aid you further to get that muscular body you always wanted.

YK11 Review


YK11 is one of the most popular drugs among bodybuilders and wrestlers. In this guide, I’ve reviewed it, shared the dosage details, side-effects and a lot of other things to help you figure out if it’s worth trying.


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