S23 SARM – Is it the best SARM on the market?

The well-known pharma company GTX, is working on a brand new compound that is known as S23 SARM. The outside world does not know much about this revolutionary new compound, and that is what I am here to throw light on.

Any new drug that promises to make you gain a lot of mass without the use of steroids immediately receives the laser-like focus of the bodybuilding world. Come on, we all know that natural training can only take you so far. A little extra help in pushing past the boundaries and allowing you to exercise more does not harm. Instead, it motivates you to lead a healthy life and work out harder.

S23 SARM – Is it the best SARM on the market? 1

But I can already hear you asking – is S23 safe, will it make me gain more mass? Read on folks, and be assured I address all of your questions since I am an iron warrior like you and know what you wish to ask.

So what is S23 SARM? It is the best SARM on the market this far and highly effective at allowing you to gain muscle mass while losing fat.

How Does S23 SARM Work?

SARM is an acronym for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. The reason why this class of drugs was developed was to help the body fight against obesity and treat different kinds of muscle wasting ailments such as ALS.

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Of course, that could be done by steroids as well as has been well documented. But steroids are not at all safe. Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone. Male and female body naturally produces testosterone and throwing in synthetic stuff into the mix can be a big mistake. Doctors use them to treat problems such as delay of puberty and in AIDS patients who have grown especially weak.

It is not possible to use anabolic steroids for better athletic performance. They are banned by WADA and have huge consequences on your health.

The two most visible side effects are that men develop breasts due to greater production of estradiol, and the testicles shrink since the body shuts down its production of testosterone. Women develop facial hair and develop a deeper voice. From acne to heart attacks, the effects of anabolic steroids are myriad, and you should give them a wide berth.

SARMs have similar properties to anabolic steroids but without the side effects. Previous to S23, it was Ostarine and Andarine that were the well-reputed SARM drugs.

S23 SARM – Is it the best SARM on the market? 2

S23 SARM works by increasing the uptake of testosterone in your muscle cells. There are hundreds of chemicals floating in the blood. All the cells in the body are not meant to absorb every type of chemical.

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The absorption can happen via receptors on the surface of the cell. Muscle cells have androgen receptors that are turned on by the action of S23. As a result, this causes your muscle tissue to fully utilize the testosterone in your blood.

What is the huge advantage? You are not using anything synthetic. Your cells are absorbing what your testes have made, and there is nothing out of the ordinary about it and hence no cause for alarm whatsoever.

This is what makes S23 the most exceptional SARM, in my opinion.

Benefits Of S23

More muscle mass

That is music to the ears of any bodybuilder. Studies have shown that S23 can bond very strongly with receptors of cells and able to allow in more testosterone. This effect is limited to muscle tissue and bones.

S23 SARM – Is it the best SARM on the market? 3

In effect, what it does is to promote the activity of the gene that helps to develop muscle mass. Lab tests have shown that it can develop muscle tissue at a rate that is faster than any comparative drug such as Ostarine. Through studies on rats, it has been discovered that the anabolic properties of S23 are indeed astounding.

Less fat

Consumption of a high dose of S23 has a melting effect on body fat. This is effective for bodybuilders who are looking to increase their size but not by adding on more fat. There is a caveat to this, however. If you are consuming S23 but not following a healthy diet, you are not likely to lose adipose tissue. There is a need for you to follow the proper bodybuilding lifestyle.

Provides massive endurance

The one thing that all bodybuilders unanimously agree about is that S23 is wonderful at providing rapid recovery. We all know the feeling of dread that comes with tiredness. Will I recover in time for my leg workout tomorrow evening? No need to worry with S23 in your medicine cabinet. Just have it as directed, and tomorrow you would be in perfect shape for a blistering set of squats and leg press.

Sturdier bones

Androgens such as testosterone are hugely important for maintaining bone density. A similar role is played by the female sex hormone estrogen. It is for this reason that women who have reached menopause are often the victims of osteoporosis. Due to this disease, the bones lose much of the calcium ions that make them strong, and the result is the weakness of the skeletal system.

S23 SARM – Is it the best SARM on the market? 4

The crucial point is not only to strengthen the body through exercise but also pay attention to increasing bone mineralization. S23 works wonders in this regard by adding bone mass and adding to muscle mass simultaneously. The result is a fit and strong body that can handle falls easily without any risk of fracture.

Effective as male birth control

The answer to all birth prevention issues would be at an end if a male contraceptive could be discovered. However, it should not be something that causes deterioration of overall health.

S23 causes the reduced production of LH and FSH, the two hormones responsible for producing sperms. This makes it an effective male contraceptive. All that one has to do to reverse the effects is to stop taking the pills, and soon the sperm production is back to normal.

The problem, however, is that the dosage band at which this result is achieved is very narrow. Too high or to low dose does not achieve the desired result.

Studies conducted on male rats have shown that following injections of S23, they became completely infertile; however, as soon as the drug was withdrawn, they became potent once more with no difficulty whatsoever.

This opens up brand new vistas for use of S23.

Increases libido in women

The reduction in sex hormones in middle age causes women to have very little sexual desire. This can be usually treated with testosterone. On the flip side, the use of testosterone to treat hypo sexuality may give rise to various forms of cancer, especially breast cancer. There is also the danger of heart diseases.

S23 is a viable alternative that could increase sexual desire in women with no attendant risks. There is no possibility of development of cysts in the uterus due to S23 usage.

Side Effects

Compounds such as Nandrolone increases muscle mass very rapidly but has plenty of side effects since they are anabolic steroids. An advanced SARM such as S23 can quite well mimic what the steroid does but has almost no ill effects.

Why do I say almost? Why do I not say S23 is safe? What S23 may do at most is slightly slow down your production of testosterone. This is entirely temporary, and as soon as you cut back on your usage, you will be back to normal.

Not a disadvantage but a drawback of S23 is that due to this reason you may need a post cycle therapy like with steroids. Clomid and Nolvadex would be needed to restore the normal hormone production by stimulating LH and FSH.

Anecdotal evidence says that there may be hair loss at times.

Is S23 Good For Bodybuilding?

Any anabolic drug that helps to build mass and reduce fat is good for bodybuilding if it does not have serious side effects. S23 is the same. As the most potent SARM available right now it is very appealing to bodybuilders and there has never been a serious scare story about it in all my research.

If I can cause you to grow strong without any downsides, what is the harm in trying it?

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Dosage Information

There have been no human trials conducted regarding S23. Thus there is limited information available about its dosage and what is optimal.

S23 SARM – Is it the best SARM on the market? 5

We know that rats have been subjected to anywhere between 0.01 mg and 3 mg during experiments both through the oral route and via injections.

However, anecdotal evidence suggests that bodybuilders consume between 10 and 30 mg of S23 daily. It has a half-life of exactly 12 hours. Due to that, it is best to split the dosage into two on for morning and other before dinner.

The best use is on an 8-week cycle followed by post cycle therapy. It is possible to stack it with other SARMs such as Ostarine and Andarine without any adverse effects. You could even use Ligandrol if you are going to use a combo drug therapy.

At higher doses, the main benefit of S23 is to provide huge capacity for recuperation from workouts. This is essential if you want to grow larger and stronger.

My Experience Of S23

I began using S23 about six weeks ago. I used a shorter than usual cycle to find out what are the facts and if they are as promised.

Since I had become little lazy over the past year, my edge had gone, replaced by an adipose layer that I disliked. I started S23 since my friends at the gym gave it a glowing review.

My dosage was conservative at 10 mg daily broken into two. After two weeks, I noted a positive change, and I was looking in better shape mostly due to losing abdominal fat.

This was very exciting g indeed, and I upped my intake to 20 mg. This has been on for four weeks, and I have just ended my 6-week cycle.

Thankfully I found no shrinkage of my testicles and did not need any post cycle therapy. The gains made have been great. My weight has gone down by 15 pounds, and in its place, I have gained rock hard muscle. My fat percentage is down to 11, the lowest ever.

I am more than certain that I would be using S23 again within a month or two.

Along with me, my friend Seth too began to use it. Seth is a competitive rower and attends our gym for strength training. He had been feeling little off-color for the past few months and was unable to produce the animal vigor that he had before while pulling the oars.

Within a month, 15 mg of S23 daily saw him at the top of his game. This is indeed heartening since it means my gains were not due to placebo in any way.


Beyond any doubt, S23 is a state of the art drug that is suitable for bodybuilders. I was scared of what I might be putting into my body, but purchasing S23 from reputed vendors made it possible to have no fear at all.

There are many types of aids from pro-hormones to S23 SARMs. There has not yet been any human study done on S23, but from what I saw, it is safe. It is not the anecdotal evidence does not count at all.

The biggest point in favour of S23 is that it is dry. There is nil fluid retention, and you look well defined and chiselled. In the absence of traditional steroids, it might very well be the medication that most bodybuilders turn to when they wish to break past their plateau.

There is some concern since it has not yet been through any human trials, but SARMs are very safe to consume and have immense benefits to offer. The benefits of S23 remain without gong away as soon as you step away from the cycle.
So go ahead, use it but administer it slowly at first and raise the dosage after a couple of weeks.

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