Rad140 Review – The Ultimate SARM Compound For Building Muscles

RAD140 or Testolone is a potent new SARM drug. It is the product of path-breaking research and development by Radius Health, a well known pharmaceutical company. 

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are the new frontier of chemical support to boost building muscles without breaking the law. But how does RAD140, the most powerful SARM ever discovered, work? There has been much chatter about it of late in bodybuilding forums on the internet.

Not being able to find anything substantial, I decided to use it myself and find if I indeed became bigger and stronger and can lift more weight at the gym.

I am happy to say that my efforts did not go to waste and after trying it out for three months I can tell you with hand on my heart that it does work miracles.

But how exactly does Testolone do so much and make athletes strong? That is what I am here to explain.

How Does Testolone Work?

As I mentioned before Testolone is a SARM drug. It acts in a way that is remarkably similar to anabolic steroids and the action that they have on the body. There are many other SARMs on the market such as Ostarine and Ibutamoren but trust me they get blown away by RAD140.

I have used them all and received benefits but this is the real deal.

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To be able to understand how Testolone works you need to have a clear idea about hormones and how they function. Hormones are produced by various glands of the endocrine system (such as adrenaline produced by the adrenal glands located on top of the kidneys) and they act as chemical messengers.
They carry directions to a group of cells to do something specific. Such as adrenaline dilates the pupils and increases heartbeat when you face some danger. It also gives you the strength that you never thought possible.

Hormones move through the bloodstream and need receptors to bind to cells. Hence bone cells or stomach cells will not respond to adrenaline since they have no adrenaline receptors.
Rad140 Review - The Ultimate SARM Compound For Building Muscles 1
In the same way, the body has hormones known as androgens (for example testosterone) that are responsible for building muscle, growth of facial hair and decreasing the level of fat.

At the cellular level androgens perform the following:

  • They attach or bind to androgen receptors;
  • They convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is absorbed by the androgen receptors;
  • They change testosterone to estradiol which is the female sex hormone;

The use of anabolic steroids makes the blood overflow with androgens. The receptors signal to the muscle cells to grow quickly. But there are terrible side effects to this rapid onset action.

Fortunately for us, RAD140 has no side effects at all. It attaches to androgen receptors of muscles and leaves the hepatic system and brain alone and causes no damage to them.

Not only that, but Testolone is not converted to DHT or estradiol which also produce serious side effects such as gynecomastia.

All that RAD140 does is make the androgen receptors more attuned to absorbing testosterone that is produced naturally in the body. In simple words it makes your body grow strong by using its own resources and not supplementing with any synthetic hormones from outside.

Benefits Of RAD140

The biggest advantage of RAD140 is that it does not make you retain water. Fluid in the tissues takes away all the definition and if your hours of gut-busting work in the gym and carb-restricted diet give you a bloated look, then what use is it?

Mental Clarity

Testolone brings you a lot of focus. Your brain gets pinpointed concentration. If you tried then probably you would be able to see the wings of a fly beat (just joking). But it does come close to it. You develop an intense state of mind that lets you perform brutal workouts with little after-effects like muscle soreness.

Dry Gains

The holy grail of bodybuilding is dry gains. Who wants to gain 12 pounds of muscle and 15 pounds of fluid? Not me at least and I am betting you are not too keen about it either.

With Testolone it is possible to become a mass monster without all the attendant bloating.Rad140 Review - The Ultimate SARM Compound For Building Muscles 2

Fat Loss

In the same way as Ostarine, another SARM, Testolone melts away fat. But it does the job better than Ostarine ever could. Your torso will look shredded and your abdomen will develop an eye-popping definition. This is what exogenous testosterone does and now you can possess it without the risk.

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Your endurance will increase several folds and at the gym, you can keep on going, rep after rep and set after set without feeling tired in the least. More the work that is done at the gym, better the results and in that way Testolone helps you as nothing else (nothing else that is legal) does.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

No side effects whatsoever result from RAD140. At the most, any side effect will be the same as what you noticed as an adolescent when a lot of testosterone was surging through your body – moodiness, mild headaches, and some cramps now and then.

Rad140 Dosage

RAD140 is one of the most potent SARM drugs if not the strongest. There is no need for high dosage. Moreover, it has a half-life of more than 16 hours and hence once a day is enough.
I would suggest that you start with 10 mg daily at breakfast. After three weeks, increase it to 15 mg daily. It is not needed to increase it anymore.Rad140 Review - The Ultimate SARM Compound For Building Muscles 3

At 15 mg a day, after two months you will find you are at least 10 pounds bigger while also being more ripped.

Some prefer to stack Testolone with other SARMs. I have not done so myself but generally, it is taken with Ostarine. The dose is split as 10 mg of Testolone in the morning and 10 mg of Ostarine in the evening.

If you wish to stack it with anabolics such as Nandrolone, I have no advice for you though I have heard it is possible.

My Experience With RAD140

I have not only been an MD but from college days been an iron warrior like many of you. I have been in the game for over 20 years though never competed.

As I became middle-aged I found that despite my best efforts at diet and workouts I was not the man I was. I felt tired and after a day at the hospital, my head throbbed. At times I missed workouts and my weight climbed by about 25 pounds. At an even six feet tall I was almost 250 pounds and out of shape. I was really strong make no mistake about that. But I was not the athlete I wanted to be.Rad140 Review - The Ultimate SARM Compound For Building Muscles 4

As an MD, I had known of the wonderful research work done with SARMs and decided that RAD140 was what I needed. As I mentioned before I began at a dosage of 10 mg and gradually increased it to 15 mg.

I kept at 15 mg for 12 weeks before taking 20 days long break. Since then for the last ten days, I have returned to it for a second cycle.

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For me, Testolone had the effect of giving me a huge energy boost and allowing me to work out long and hard. I was not looking for bulk but improvement in fitness and vascularity.

My exercise routine too was changed and I took up cross-training combining aerobic exercise. I reduced my four times weekly visit the gym to twice and added four days of cycling to my schedule. I began at 8 miles and gradually worked up to 18 miles daily.

The effects were truly stunning. I dropped almost 30 lbs weight but not an ounce of muscle. I now weigh 220 lbs but am as ripped as an amateur bodybuilder with a body fat of 9% and arms measuring 17 inches.


From my experience, I can tell you with certainty that RAD140 is genuinely effective and works fast. It is not only ideal for gaining strength but you can use it as part of post cycle therapy when you are recovering from the use of steroids.

Testolone is available online from many trustworthy suppliers and used in several gyms. I am sure that its popularity will explode in the coming year since it is a brand new drug and not yet well known.

RAD140 action is remarkably similar to steroids and you can expect to find huge changes and make significant gains.

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