Premature Ejaculation – Yes, It Is Possible To Get Rid Of It.

Good sex life can lead to a lot of other positives in life. It can give you a sense of pride, satisfaction and pleasure at the same time make your partner always crave for you. However, bad sex can do equal damage to your self-esteem, marital relationship and peace of mind.

Thus, the best way forward is to remain conscious of how well you perform in bed and if you are not up to the mark then how you can improve.

What are Sex Problems?

Speaking of sex, males are naturally the primary movers. You must be active and doing most of the job and at the same time lasting as long as you possibly can. But I know it is easier said than done.

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Any problem that hinders you from enjoying or having sex for a decent amount of time with your partner is a sex problem. A lot of men suffer from severe performance issues when it comes to sex. Some of the most common male sex issues are:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Ejaculation Disorders – Premature Ejaculation
  • Unwillingness to have sex

As intimidating as these may sound, most of these are curable. I know about a lot of cases where men have completely changed their games inside their bedrooms.

But, that does not happen automatically. Just like when we are ill we need to take care of the illness, probably see a doctor and take medicines till we are alright. Similarly, your sexual problems also need proper attention, and only then can they be cured.

Also, don’t overlook any of these problems as they can ruin your sex life one day or the other. These can result from a variety of reasons but ultimately, you must take notice of them and try to get better.

Some of the causes why men may face any of the sexual problems are:

1. Stress & Anxiety

Most men suffer from performance anxiety. This is most common among boys who are very new to having sex and are very thoughtful about how good or bad would they be in bed. This causes severe stress leading to Erectile Dysfunction. Anxiety can hit even women and hinder them from achieving their natural lubrication during intercourse.

2. Over Exposure to Porn

When you indulge in too much porn, you get something known as Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. This is a very shameful thing to happen because your brains get wired to react to porn and when you get a real girl to make love to, your penis does not respond very effectively.

3. Smoking and Drugs

No wonder smoking is injurious to health. Not only does it ruin your heart and lungs, it harms the ability to have sex as well. Many potent men lose their potency to smoking and this is very unfortunate.

Apart from these, there are many other medical root causes for men to be suffering from sexual disorders. But the above are the most common causes which can be very much controlled.

Premature Ejaculation – What Is It And Why Is It Even a Problem?

The unfortunate ejaculation of your semen right when you start having sex is known as Premature Ejaculation. This is the commonest of all male issues and is experienced by almost every man sometime during his lifetime.

It also disables you to continue the sex since you are already done and will take some time to get aroused again. This is highly frustrating both for yourself and your partner and there is no one to blame except yourself.

Also, while you may expect some level of understanding and support from your partner, this won’t help you in the long run. Ultimately, men have faced the music for being bad in bedrooms and not being able to satisfy their loving partners sexually.

But the best part is that it can be controlled and cured which is against popular belief. Yes, it is possible to control your ejaculation and enjoy your sex. Several premature ejaculation solutions that can work wonders for you and so you only have to get started on the right note.

When Is An Ejaculation Considered Early?

Whenever a man releases his sperms within the first 2-3 minutes of sex, that’s ‘very early’. The minimum duration for which a couple should be able to have sex is 10-15 minutes. And of course, there is no upper limit.

Here is a list of products that have been very effective in helping males overcome the problem of premature ejaculation:

ProSolution Plus

This is one of the best premature ejaculation solutions out there. It is an all in one pill that not only helps you get rid of ejaculating prematurely but also helps you with a much harder erection and thereby turning your sex more enjoyable and memorable.

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What does it Help With?

  • 67% better erections
  • 48% better sexual ability
  • 78% better satisfaction after sex
  • Approved by doctors

Any trials to prove its effectiveness?

Yup, this has been thoroughly tested and tried as part of a research. A group of about 150 men, aged 21-60 years
were given ProSolution Plus. And all these men had some form of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction problem.

Once they consumed the solution, they all experienced the above improvements thereby making the trails very successful.

What are the constituents of ProSolution Plus?

The solution is composed of Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese ingredients. To give you perspective, it consists of elements that are natural and have been effective for more than 4000 years!

Specifically, the solution contains minerals, herbs, nutrients and vitamins that will help a male to have sex for longer durations and achieve higher levels of satisfaction.

The unique solution of ProSolution Plus contains the following:

  • Mucuna Pruriens to help you achieve more pleasure
  • Withania Somnifera to enhance blood flow inside your penis
  • Curculigo Orchioides to bring down hesitation and raise the frequency of sex
  • Asphaltum that brings to your body more than 85 different minerals and vitamins
  • Asteracantha Longifolia to better sexual attraction between you and your partner
  • Tribulus Terrestris to help you with better erections
  • Asparagus Adscendens to get rid of stress and inflammation


This is a cream to help you overcome problems of premature ejaculation. If you are someone not very appreciative of pills and supplements, then this cream can be the thing for you.

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How Does Enlast Work?

Enlast is a simple cream and its main ingredient is Benzocaine-USP. This works as a local anesthetic that can remove sensation from your penis thereby not allowing you to ejaculate prematurely.

If you think that the cream is just anesthetic, you would be far from reality. It is mostly anesthetic with other elements such as Arginine, Huanarpo Macho, glycerin and water that together make the mixture ideal for improving sex drive too.

It is very safe to use and helps improve your sex life drastically. And this magical cream should be considered by you.


This is another 100% natural in the list of premature ejaculation solutions. It is a permanent solution and does not have any side effects since it is made of purely natural ingredients.

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How can DuraMale help you with your sex problems?

  • Pulls you out of your premature ejaculation problem
  • Build your stamina
  • Enhance your libido and willingness to have sex
  • Better your sex life

What Proves its worthiness?

As per the manufactures, DuraMale increases your ejaculation time by as much as 7 minutes in just the first month
of consumption. Even the libido rises.

Regular consumption of 1-2 capsules can gradually improve your sex life drastically. Be it the time you last in bed without ejaculating prematurely, or the intensity of orgasms you and your partner experience – expect great results. This solution will almost make you forget that you even had sex problems.

Delay Pills

Just as the name of this pill suggests, these are perfect for delaying your orgasm, therefore, leaving you with more time to enjoy lovemaking. Experts have proven that this pill can increase your stamina by 5-10 times in bed.

This means you can last almost 5-10 times longer than what you used to earlier. Now that’s good news.

What do these pills do?

  • Make you achieve rock solid erections
  • Intensity your orgasms
  • Enable you to control your ejaculation

How Do They Work?

Many biological and chemical factors contribute to the effectiveness of these pills. In other words, when these pills enter your body, they reach certain parts in the hypothalamus, thereby helping you feel reduced sexual sensation, controlled ejaculation and prolonged ability to have sex.

Rizer XL

This is another very powerful and effective solution that can make you forget about your premature ejaculation problems. It is one of the most advanced solutions in the market and is already working wonders for many men out there.

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You can easily let go of those insecurities and awkward moments when you ejaculated prematurely because this pill is going to change your sex fortunes.

What do these pills do?

  • Cure premature ejaculation
  • Give you harder erections
  • Improve the volume of sperm
  • Enhance libido and stamina

What are these pills made of?

These pills are all about what they are made up of. Their ingredients differentiate them from each other and also determine their effectiveness. Now, Rizer XL consists of Tribulus Terrestris, L-Arginine, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorn Berry and Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E.

I am sure you must be wondering what sets Rizer XL apart from the others. Well, here are a few reasons why you must consider this among the other premature ejaculation solutions:

  • Made in the USA
  • Regulated by strict restrictions
  • Safe and Natural
  • Very powerful and effective

And to top it all, all this comes with a Money back guarantee! If the pill does not work, you are entitled to a refund.


This is another masterpiece that is known to eliminate your premature ejaculation problem. While some of the other premature ejaculation solutions would target your problem and offer temporary solutions, PrematureX goes down to the root cause of your problem and works right there.

Premature Ejaculation - Yes, It Is Possible To Get Rid Of It. 6

The two major root causes for early ejaculation are physical sensitivity and mental aspects.

So, to address the physical sensitivity issue PramatureX is composed of 7 key ingredients that are associated with your penis. So, it enables you to have sex for long and not ejaculate.

Also, to address the mental aspect the pill is made up of a special formula that slowly reacts with the brain to delay the ejaculation process thereby helping you sustain the erection and not ejaculate before you’ve derived and delivered enough pleasure.

What sets PrematureX apart?

The absorption rate of 98% is rare, but this magical pill has it. It can get at work in just 15 minutes and you would start having the best sex of your life pretty soon. Just take this pill once daily (or as suggested by your doctor) before you plan to have sex.

Also, I find it important to mention here that many men have reported a permanent fixture to their premature ejaculation problem. Which means, even after they’ve stopped using PrematureX, they don’t face any ejaculation disorders anymore.

Doc Johnson Power Plus Delay Cream

This product is not a pill for consumption but a cream for application. You guessed it right from the name, Doc Johnson Power Plus Delay Cream helps you delay your orgasm and thereby helps you last longer in bed.

Premature Ejaculation - Yes, It Is Possible To Get Rid Of It. 7

When you apply this cream, the area becomes insensitive and feels less sexual sensation. This is a perfect set up to help you avoid orgasms and early ejaculation too.

What Is It Composed Of?

This cream is made up of an odorless, tasteless desensitizing agent called benzocaine. Each tube houses 2 ounces which are good for several sexual intercourses.

Climax Control

I find it very unfortunate when a man isn’t able to satisfy his woman. Sexual pleasure should be mutual, and you must do everything you can to please our partners. Climax control can enable you to do exactly that. It is like a permanent solution to problems like premature ejaculation and can change your sex life forever.

The name is enough to guess what it does, it controls your climax so that you can stay strong and solid for longer durations of sex.

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In fact, it will help you and your partner achieve orgasms together. Trust me, that is the best feeling in the world.

Promanix Elite

Next up on my list is Promanix Elite that not only helps you overcome premature ejaculation but also helps you spice up your sex life.

Premature Ejaculation - Yes, It Is Possible To Get Rid Of It. 9

For your information, this agent can improve your sex drive, stamina, performance and even libido. It has even been reported to increase the size of your penis! And obviously, these can’t be counted as small upgrades but drastic improvements.

What does it include?

Promanix Elite is a unique blend of ingredients that is designed for men who are suffering from sex problems such as premature ejaculation:

  • Ginseng Blend
  • Maca (0.6% extract)
  • Tongkat Ali
  • L-arginine

What makes Promanix Elite unique among other premature ejaculation solutions?

This brand of pills is a professional male sex performance enhances, unlike the others. It contains nitric oxide compounds that get to work quickly thereby giving you results in the blink of your eye.

If you are looking for a solution that can lend a positive touch to your penis size, girth, stamina, hardness, performance and other sexual abilities, this could you be the end of your search.

Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray

Last on my list is the Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray. By now you know about pills and creams as solutions to overcome premature ejaculation. But then we have another alternative in the form of a spray.

Premature Ejaculation - Yes, It Is Possible To Get Rid Of It. 10

For people who do not prefer applying a cream or swallowing pill can happily go for this spray.
The following are the unique selling propositions of this product:

  • Longer duration of intercourse
  • Very easy to apply
  • Medically proven and tested
  • 100% compliant to FDA

How Should You Choose Your Premature Ejaculation Solution?

I can understand that choosing from the plethora of good premature ejaculation solutions available is a tedious task. But let me make this choice easier for you. Try considering the following two parameters while placing your bet:

Form of the Solution –

There are majorly three forms by which you can get started. They are by consuming pills, applying a cream or a spray. Decide which one suits you the best and is easy for you to apply. This way, you won’t be discouraged to use it more frequently.

The Composition of the Solutions –

No one wants side effects. At least not me. I would always prefer to know about the things that a particular solution is made up of and so should you.

Read about the ingredients so that you are aware of what you are getting into. It’s a very good practice to check the quality of a solution and also stay away from any side effects.


Finally, all said and done sex must not be forgotten or given up on. It is a natural phenomenon where two human beings express their love for each other and do so in many ways. If your sex life is not in good shape, you have every reason to be concerned and unhappy.

But being so won’t help. You must be a man and do everything it takes to overcome the problem. As much as talking and cuddling might help, real sex is compulsory. Don’t just throw it off the table just because you are not able to do it.

The above solutions are revolutionizing the way a lot of men have sex. They can surely work wonders for you too. All you have to do it win the battle in your mind.

Start your journey towards leading a problem-free sex life and you can do so by identifying the problem you are having. This can differ from person to person, but if your problem is related to ejaculation disorder then the above suggestions must not be ignored by you.

Premature Ejaculation - Yes, It Is Possible To Get Rid Of It. 11

Remember, your partner is the best thing that happened to you and you must not see her settle for less. You can do much better by using any of the above magical solutions and the day won’t be very far when your partner and you would be discussing your amazing capabilities in bed.

With that, I wish you a very happening sex life ahead.

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