What Do You Need To Know About MK-2866 (Ostarine) Before Using It?

MK-2866, better known as Ostarine, is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARM. The principal reason for the use of SARM drugs is in muscle wasting diseases. MK-2866 has been developed by a company based out of Memphis, Tennessee known as GTX Incorporated. 

The original development of MK-2866 was by Merck. Also known as Enbosarm it has a miraculous effect on those who have muscular dystrophy and other related problems that are at times caused by cancer and many serious diseases

Ostarine - MK2866

The studies conducted on MK-2866 have shown that it is remarkably effective in treating all of these conditions. Naturally, medicines meant for muscle degeneration generate a lot of interest in the bodybuilding community. Everyone wants to know whether it has any of the anabolic effects and will it help them to build larger muscles. That is why I decided to write this guide. I have used MK-2866 for well over 6 months and been extremely satisfied with how it works. 

I thought – why not share my experiences as a medicine hobbyist and an amateur bodybuilder with you so that you too could use it and grow bigger and stronger, just as I did. 

What Are SARMs?

To understand more about MK-2866 you need to know what SARMs are. These are a new class of drugs that has emerged in the past two decades and are in the clinical trial phase. None have yet been approved for human use, as yet.  

For many bodybuilders, SARMs are the final frontier of anabolic substances producing effects similar to steroids but without any of the side effects.

It very often happens that you are working out every day and not wasting any time at the gym. Your diet is perfect. But somehow you have hit a plateau and you can’t grow. You are not getting bigger or stronger and there is a need for something to get you past this stage.

If this happens to pro-bodybuilders they will reach out for Nandrolone but that is not an option for those of us who wish to remain healthy. Who wishes to get man-boobs and male pattern baldness? There is also a lot of problem with steroids since they cause testosterone production to reduce dramatically.

To regain the balance you have to enter a post cycle therapy and coax your body back to its usual state with estrogens.

That is why MK-2866 makes us ask – is this the wonder drug we have all been waiting for? Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators like MK-2866 are a class of drugs that exhibit anabolic properties.  

How Does MK-2866 Work?

The body has chemical messengers known as hormones. These control the function of cells and regulate metabolism. For example, when you feel fear, a hormone named adrenaline is released from adrenal glands. It raises your heart rate and increases your blood pressure. 

For a few minutes, more blood is rushed to your muscles and the other processes such as the digestive system are shut down. Also, your pupils become more dilated allowing you to see better. This is so that you can deal with whatever causes you to fear. 

Hormones work by attaching themselves to receptors in cells. Thus your heart muscle has receptors for adrenaline but not your facial muscles. 

Now coming to MK-2866; it accentuates the functioning of androgen receptors in cells. Testosterone is an androgen. A SARM drug such as MK-2866, therefore, allows more testosterone that you produce to be used by the body. 

Naturally, since testosterone is anabolic, the effect of MK-2866 is also anabolic.

This is a neat little workaround to steroids. Instead of flooding your body with synthetic steroids, why not make it use its produce more efficiently?

This makes complete sense. Since testosterone is a product of your own testicles it is not going to harm you or cause your liver to become damaged. You can also use legal supplements which can help your body to boost the production of Testosterone or simply consume food items which have ingredients your body needs to produce testosterone.

If you maintain a strict diet and training regimen, MK-2866 is able to boost your natural anabolic activity and make it seem as if you are on Dianabol without any problem of the cardiovascular system or causing high blood pressure. 

Benefits Of MK-2866 

By attaching itself to androgen receptors in the cells, MK-2866 can deliver the same results as synthetic testosterone injections. It is possible to think of its effects as similar to a mild boost in testosterone production. MK-2866 has superb bioavailability and very small amounts of it can bring about significant changes in musculature. 

I received superb results with the use of Ostarine. Let me share the detailed benefits I was witness to. 

Lean muscle mass gain 

The use of MK-2866 causes a rapid increase in lean muscle mass. The rate is quite fast and can reach 5-8 pounds a month. My experience is backed by scientific data from clinical trials of MK-2866. 

In a lab trial that lasted three months, over 100 individuals who were senior citizens in frail health were given MK-2866. It was administered in a minute dosage of 3 mg per day. In spite of such a small dosage, they experienced gains and were able to display an increase of strength and fitness. Naturally, bodybuilders in their prime who consume 20-30mg a day are going to be able to show remarkable results after a few months use of MK-2866.

Gains that don’t disappear

A rather unusual characteristic of MK-2866 is that the gains you make will stay on after the cycle. I can attest to this myself. I completed my use of MK-2866 two months back and am yet to lose an iota of the 12 pounds I gained on it. 

The main problem with the use of steroids and other anabolic agents is that the additions come off as soon as you remove the external support mechanism. The state of homeostasis makes the body give up the muscle tissue you gained after a lot of hard work. 

It is not as if steroids help you gain without effort. You had to sweat it out in the gym for hours and maintain a strict low carb and high protein diet. And for what? A month after the cycle ends your gains melt away. It can be a disastrous occurrence and reduce bodybuilders almost to tears.

This brings another nasty fact to light. Just so that the gains don’t disappear many continue to be almost always on a cycle. It causes enormous strain on the body, especially the liver, which has to metabolize every chemical you ingest. 

MK-2866 provides you with muscle bulk that stays on even after you end its use. It is one of the biggest advantages of using this SARM drug. 

Better bone strength

It is a very common occurrence that our bones become weaker as we age. The androgens in our body keep the bones healthy. Due to aging, our endocrine system slows down and we produce less and less testosterone. 

It has a definite impact on bone density. A bone is not a solid mass. It is a mesh of collagen proteins to which calcium ions attach themselves and give a solid look. As we age there is loss of this mesh and there is nowhere that the calcium atoms can adhere to. 

It has a catastrophic effect known as osteoporosis. Weakened bones cause fractures and often permanent debilitation. This has to be prevented at all costs and is fought with calcium supplementation. But the structure of bones can’t regenerate without testosterone

Use of MK-2866 keeps the bones strong and healthy.

Protects the heart

It has been shown through a clinical study that MK-2866 can reduce unhealthy LDL cholesterol. It also decreases the fat present in the blood known as triglycerides. It is very important that those who have high cholesterol levels use MK-2866 as a means of fighting it. 

A small dosage of 3 mg is enough to reduce LDL in a study comprising of 120 subjects. 

Regulates insulin levels

The food we eat changes into blood glucose and circulates through our body. Whatever is not required is changed by insulin to fat. The role of insulin is very important in the synthesis and maintenance of fat stores.

MK-2866 has been shown to increase the levels of insulin in the same way as diabetic drugs. This lowers blood sugar and prevents diseases. 

Burns fat 

Aside from being good at helping you build muscle, MK-2866 can also make sure that you lose fat properly without any loss of muscle. Being on a strict low calory diet often means that your fat and muscles are both lost due to workouts. 

But that does not help you since muscle loss makes you weak. Muscle preservation is the key to a successful cutting cycle.

In summary, we can say that MK-2866 can increase muscle mass, reduce fat, maintain bone density and preserve heart health. These factors go a long way in keeping you healthy and agile as an athlete. 

The Most Optimal MK-2866 Dosage 

MK-2866 has a half-life of 24 hours. Therefore it is best to take it once a day. There is no prescribed dosage of Ostarine. Usually, bodybuilders take between 20 and 30 mg daily. If you are just starting to use it, ingest 20 mg once daily at breakfast. 

After a week increase it to 25 mg daily and then to 30 mg by the end of the first month. Usual MK-2866 cycle lasts 12 weeks. 

It is possible to stack it with other drugs. I have seen my friend use another SARM, Andarine, in conjunction with MK-2866. 

Side Effects Of MK-2866 

There are no side effects associated with the use of MK-2866. It is completely safe and produces excellent results. 

My Personal Experience Of MK-2866

I am about 5’ 8 and weighed 212pounds. While I looked big and was fit I was not really satisfied. I did not look like someone who went to the gym 4 times every week. 

I was aware that due to middle age my testosterone production was decreasing and if I wanted to gain muscle I would need more testosterone. However, I did not wish to use synthetic steroids due to the various side effects I had seen firsthand. It was not a safe and reliable option. 

For some years I had been reading about SARMs and their biochemistry. 

My initial dosage was not high. It was 10 mg only. But within a week I felt stronger. It did not show externally but I realized that I had greater endurance and felt more confident in the gym. My recovery time also dramatically shortened. 

After the first two weeks, I doubled the dose to 20 mg. I also followed a diet based on high-quality lean protein such as tuna and chicken and consumed a lot of fruits and vegetables for all the vitamins and flavonoids. 

Inside a month I had gained 4 pounds of muscle mass. But my weight went up with my fat percent reducing from 20 to 18%

Encouraged by this I upped my training and took the dosage a notch higher at 30 mg. I continued for two months. By the end, I weighed 215 pounds but my fat percent had reduced dramatically to 14%. I was vastly more cut and after a long while looked like a bodybuilder. 

I am really impressed and also glad to note that I do not get aches and pains from workout anymore. At all times I am fit and alert and my stamina surprises those half my age at the gym.

There is a skinny lad at my gym named Stefan. Stefan is a surfer who wants to look huge and ripped so that he can impress more women at the beach. His ideal is Jason Momoa of Baywatch fame but he was as far away from looking like him as possible. 

Ostarine (MK-2866) Before and After Image

I encouraged him to take MK-2866. His change was eye-popping since he was younger and had a lot of testosterone, to begin with. Ostarine made him into a mass monster. Would you believe that it is a picture of the same person as on the left?


As far as I have seen MK-2866 is a brilliant product. It is not illegal to use and is available freely over the internet. 

There is ease in use of MK-2866 since you only need to take it once daily. The change that it brings has to be seen to be believed. 

It is useful for both cutting and bulking and if you stack it with Cardarine or another SARM the results are even more spectacular. Why not give this wonder drug a try. You will also doubtless change to becoming an Adonis.  

Ostarine (MK-2866)


Ostarine (MK-2866) is one of the safest SARMs available in the market. In this review, I’ve talked about the way SARMs work, Dosage of MK-2866, Side-effects, benefits and my experience with the SARM. I’ve also shared a before and after consumption picture of a friend at the GYM who got great results. Read the complete review to find if it’s worth it.

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