MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Results and Reviews: Worthy of its Reputation?

How many times did you tire yourself of severe weight training and a strict diet? Haven’t you wished there was a magic pill that could do the trick and take off the bulge you are fighting or build your abs the way you want? But then you have backed out worrying about the wrong side effects of those pills, drops or injections. I’ve been there, done that, and know a lot better now.

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Results and Reviews: Worthy of its Reputation? 1

Presenting MK-677 or Ibutamoren, also known as Nutrabol. Good physique with good health – is that possible without those years of hard work? Can vanity be cajoled and physical balance maintained side-by-side? Let me share everything I know about this wonder drug.

Introduction – What’s MK-677?

I’m sure you’re aware that growth hormones, during natural growth years up to adolescent age and even beyond, not only help in building muscle mass but also strengthen bones. This natural process, of course, tends to slow down bone growth even though you may have a higher level of growth hormone. The positive impact of growth hormone, however, will make it easier to maintain muscle and stop muscle decline with aging.

What if the regulation of growth hormone is induced naturally and not directly influenced through any additive? That means an endogenous secretion and not exogenous addition.

What is Ibutamoren(mk-677)?

Ibutamoren or MK-677 is an investigational drug. Investigational means it is still under clinical trials and studied as a drug-like candidate, basically to treat growth hormone deficiency and somatopause (age-related hormone deficiency).

It is a ghrelin mimicking secretagogue discovered by Merck. Ghrelin is a natural hormone that induces hunger and performs according to the circadian system. And secretagogue, as the name suggests, is the substance that causes another substance to be secreted. It was first discovered in the 1990s and has been experimented with medical research ever since. It also stimulates insulin-like growth factor IGH-1 and growth hormone.

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Results and Reviews: Worthy of its Reputation? 2


What Makes Ibutamoren Popular?

It has been used and abused by athletes and bodybuilders and abused in the sense that it does not fall in the category of steroid or SARM and is thus not technically under the scanner in doping checks.

SARM abbreviates for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. People use it as a quick-fix for anabolism. Some researchers are indecisive about its use even though a large number of researches and group surveys have proved its efficacy.

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Why does Ibutamoren Work?

Ibutamoren or -677 is a ghrelin mimetic GH secretagogue. Ghrelin is also known as “hunger hormone” and regulates energy balance with another hormone Leptin. Ghrelin activates GHSR (Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor) in the brain. Now that MK–677 imitates Ghrelin; it too works as a neuropeptide reaching out to the central nervous system. It does cross the blood-brain-barrier.

It manages to bind on to the brain’s hormone receptor, otherwise known as GHSR. This way, it helps release hormones with new muscle tissue. The good news is that it does all this without disturbing the secretions and functions of other hormones. This means that there is no fear of suppression of other growth hormones, testosterone, and cortisol.

Also, recently, it has been observed that Insulin-like Growth factor 1(IGF – 1) level increases after MK–677 intakes. The most important takeaway is to understand that instead of direct application of growth hormone, MK–677 triggers its body to promote its growth hormone. Thus, the body is not getting any uncontrollable hormones making it quite safe.

Applications In The Medical World

Mk-677 is being researched as an alternative for hormone replacement in adolescents with hormonal imbalance. It is also being tested for hormone therapy for the aged. It is said to improve sleep quality, thus making it useful to treat catabolic conditions.

It can be easily used for the treatment of muscle wasting in the elderly. It is known to increase bone mineral density, which would help prevent age-related osteoporosis.

Additionally, IGF-1 induces the right hormones that strengthen immunity in the body.

What Is The Good News For the Rest of Us?

This drug is good for muscle growth and strength. It doesn’t only focus and on the quantity but also the quality of muscle growth. The muscles you develop after intake of MK-677 are hard well-formed muscles. these are not the showy, water-retaining muscles. In the normal course of working out, it takes years of tough work to develop this quality of muscle growth.

It improves sleep quality like a miracle. If taken an hour or so before bedtime, the well-rested body will show incredible alertness, focus, and concentration the next day. The overnight healing of the body, from the usual daily wear and tear, occurs better because of this.

Ibutamoren increases hunger. It can be a plus and a minus too. If absorption and assimilation of nutrients was the cause for your poor muscle growth, you stand to gain here. But, if a good appetite contributes to your bulges, you may need to stick to lean protein more. Not that carb intake will harm you much since your body is focused on building strong muscles now.

The work of the growth hormone is to repair the body quickly. So, under the influence of MK-677, your body can heal wounds faster and thoroughly. Chances of a muscle tear or fatigue are reduced.

Unlike other methods of weight loss, this method works wonders on skin and nails. Prolonged dieting or other steroids or drugs tend to hurt the looks. Contrary to that, the growth hormones released because of MK-677 aids the regeneration of healthy cutaneous and subcutaneous cells.

he most important result, fat loss, in this case, is quite natural. Ibutamoren does not get into fat cutting. It just helps your muscles grow well. The growth of muscles, naturally, leads to high metabolism, which in turn burns fat. This is a proven healthy way to lose fat. Of course, this method of losing inches from the body is time taking and requires patience.

Using MK-677 has shown better cognitive responses too. There are, on the face, two reasons for that. First, a night of good REM sleep helps the brain function in optimal condition. Secondly, IGF-1 helps boost memory retention and learning ability, using the same technique – growth-hormone producing, better quality cells in the body. Imagine losing the fear of early dementia forever!

Benefits for Bodybuilders

Since MK-677, also available as Ibutamoren or Nutrabol, is a non-SARM, it can be taken clubbed with other SARMs and steroids for maximum benefits.

It is just right for cruising and can be used for up to 8 to 9 months. It shows an increase in lean body mass. It does not affect the total fat mass or visceral fat.

Ibutamoren increases GH production in the body by up to 40%. It is available in oral options and is quite easily accessible.

Unlike other exogenous GH, which are difficult to procure and are highly-priced, the oral doses of MK-677 are cheap and affordable. So, you don’t pay through your nose to build your body.

One clarification; it will be a fallacy to think that more growth hormone means more muscle mass. Instead, the mass is better regulated. Since we explained earlier that it mimics Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, hence this seduces bodybuilder’s appetite for better, but they should still control food quality through the right balance of carbohydrate and protein.

Benefits for Weight Watchers

Calorie restriction is one of the standard practices, irrespective of diet protocols. Losing muscle mass is one of the direct impacts. Since growth hormone is known to regulate muscle mass and prevent fat deposition, the question of losing muscle mass is not there. Ibutamoren has been investigated, and promising results have been found. Thus, there will be inches lost from the body minus the usual extra skin bags. Muscle toning will not be a worry now.

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Some Points to Remember

Have patience after starting on this drug. This is not a steroid and doesn’t offer quick-fix solutions. In-fact, Ibutamoren is a slow-acting drug. You won’t see any changes before six months.

Every person has an individual reaction to the drug. The improved sleep quality in some may show lethargy in others. If you continue to feel sleepy and tired, you may tone down your dosage and see the results or even split the dosage and spread out the effect.

If you are continuing with your normal diet, some of you may see water retention in the body. This goes down entirely after you stop the consumption of the stuff at the end of your cycle. If you are still worried, you are advised to change your diet to low carb or keto-diet and observe the changes.

In the initial months, many people experience cramps. This seems to be the reaction of the body before it starts adjusting to the drug and responds positively. Well, the first few weeks in the gym give you cramps too, remember?

In some cases, swollen joints have also been reported. But this effect has not been noticed at large, so there is no confirmation of swollen joints as a side-effect.

Rare cases of numbness and tingling of skin have also been noticed. This goes away when the dosage is reduced.
Increased appetite may be a problem if you are not adequately prepared to handle it. Be wise enough to shift to slow-release carbs, high fiber, and lean protein options to counter this discomfort. Most of the side effects go away soon after the usage is stopped.

As MK-677 induces the growth hormone, it is not advised for cancer patients or other anabolic problems.

Ibutamoren Dosage

After surveying many users of MK-677, the most recommended dosage ranges from 20 to 30 mg. Most bodybuilders consider 30mg a day as the safe dosage for muscle mass; 20mg a day for fat loss and to heal a local injury, 10-20mg would be considered enough.


butamoren, Nutrabol, MK-677, whichever name it is known by, has the same effect on the human body. It is a ghrelin mimetic drug that functions as a neuropeptide.

MK-677 stimulates the production of growth hormone.

This increases appetite but helps the body to build good quality muscles through natural nourishment.

This improves bone density, skin and hair texture.

It helps improve sleep quality, increases cognitive functions and helps heal wounds. All these benefits are a result of stimulated growth hormone due to intake of MK-677.

Whatever side-effects are experienced, they are minimal and vanish after the last dose. Despite that, dosages can be adjusted to suit individual needs.


In a market flooded with various fad diets, steroids and drugs, muscle building and fat loss has never been easier than this. A drug that is safe on the body, uses the body’s natural response to regenerate; reasonably affordable and promises a good night’s rest, too! All this through oral intake and no painful piercings. The only demand is to have patience and let it bring the desired changes. Is that too much to ask?

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