HCG Injections for Weight Loss

Look around; the world is more about achieving things quickly or at a faster rate. I mean who doesn’t want to get a lean physique or slim down to one’s ideal weight and figure. One such problem area for most of us is obesity.

Weight Loss

The weight doesn’t go down! Many times during a weight loss regime, the weight remains stuck at a particular number. I feel it is nature’s way to mock our efforts! Feeling depressed about the stationary weight, many of us stop our efforts at that very moment. I was one of them.

But that is now a thing of the past. On searching extensively for a trustworthy weight loss solution, I stumbled across a product made of natural hormones, which will help you get to your desired weight much faster and with much less hassle. That product is HCG injections. Coupled with the HCG diet it has worked wonders for many out there, including me.

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is more popularly known as the pregnancy hormone. Though the hormone exists the bodies of both men and women, it’s more pronounced in women than men. It is produced in larger quantities in women, especially during pregnancy.

A large quantity of HCG is produced in pregnant women by the placenta. The placenta acts as a connector between the mother and the developing fetus (child). Presently, it has become an extremely popular choice for people to lose weight using the HCG diet.

Late British physician Dr. ATW Simeons was the one who conducted initial experiments and theorized that HCG helps in losing weight. Modern HCG diet and injection regimes built to help you melt your body fat and get in shape quickly are a direct outcome of his work.

HCG injections for treating medical conditions

Both men and women are prescribed HCG injections by doctors for treating a variety of medical conditions.

HCG, a naturally occurring hormone, is considered as an agent for treatment. In women, the FDA has approved the use of HCG injections to treat infertility. In men, the FDA has permitted to use HCG injections to increase the level of testosterone and reduce infertility.

Is HCG harmful to your weight loss regimen?

There are some misconceptions that HCG is harmful. HCG is a naturally produced hormone during pregnancy. It is produced in much larger quantities during pregnancy than used for a weight loss program.

It does not harm the mother and child during pregnancy so it is safe to use even for weight loss, where we use it in smaller quantities. My extensive search never explicitly showed me any results that HCG is harmful to the body.

Many times HCG is used for treating various disorders and abnormal conditions. Also, HCG is not a steroid as it is produced naturally in the human body. So you are not putting anything unnatural into your body.

How does it lead to weight loss?

HCG Weight Loss Results

During pregnancy, HCG helps to make sure that the baby gets enough calories by making the mother’s fat cells available for the baby. It does not consider how much the mother’s food or calorie intake is.

This same concept is at play during the HCG Diet and injection regimen for weight loss. HCG will access your body’s fat cells and ask your body to use that fat first.

This helps in two ways

  1. The body uses existing fat, thus, reducing the amount of fat in your body.
  2. We eat food to get energy for our bodies. Since your body already has a fat supply, you may feel little to no hunger. Since you already are providing energy to your body, your craving for food will reduce drastically.

Thus, the HCG injections can be a good method to reduce your weight. It provides much better results when combined with a calorie deficient diet. Since you are taking HCG injections, you won’t feel hungry even if you take a calorie deficient diet.

Forms of HCG

Forms in which HCG is Available
HCG Forms

HCG is majorly available in two forms.

  1. HCG drops, pellets, and sprays – These are many times sold over-the-counter with a Homeopathic label.
  2. HCG injections – You can’t buy these without a medical prescription. They are not available directly over-the-counter. However, you can buy them online.

Why are Injections better than drops?

Injections are legal and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has approved these injections with the clause that they ought to be taken only on the prescription of a medical practitioner or a health care provider.

FDA has completely banned HCG Homeopathic drops, pellets, and sprays. It is illegal to sell as well as possess the HCG drops. As per the FDA, there have been numerous instances of fake HCG drops risking the lives of the people taking it. 

It even has sent notices to as many as seven companies to stop marketing HCG drops labeled as homeopathic. These drops are still unapproved by the FDA for their safety and effectiveness. However, injections are legal and safe.

Another extremely important fact is that digestive protease enzymes and hepatic metabolism leave peptide-based molecules biologically inert. Due to this oral medication of HCG may contain very little or no HCG. True HCG can only be administered through an injection.

HCG shots help maintain more lean body mass when compared to HCG drops, pellets, or sprays.

Overdosage of HCG

Make sure you do not inject more than the required amount of HCG. HCG is produced naturally in humans so it may not be life-threatening to have more amount of HCG in your body. However, excess of anything is not good. There may be side effects due to overdosage of HCG.

Ideally, the number of days you should take HCG injections depends on the weight you wish to lose. If you want to lose less than 25 pounds, then you need just 1 round of HCG injections. That ranges from 25-28 days.

If you wish to lose more than 25 pounds you may go for two rounds of HCG.

Working of HCG injections

HCG injections primarily used for weight loss are popularly known as HCG shots. These shots are recommended along with a low-calorie diet. They boost your efforts of losing your weight.

They accelerate the process and help you see the results right in front of your eyes. The diet accompanying the shots is a four-phase HCG diet.

HCG shots do not touch the fat protecting your vital organs. Fat around vital organs not only protects them but also nourishes them. Also, HCG injections do not release subcutaneous or structural fats.  This makes sure that you remain naturally fresh. However, protruding stomachs, double chins, and fats around thighs get removed first. 

HCG shots kit consists of the following

  1. A vial of HCG
  2. A vial having Bacteriostatic water for HCG
  3. A syringe
  4. Alcohol wipes

Human chorionic gonadotropin is injected into a muscle or under the skin. HCG injections for weight loss are injected directly into the muscle.

Where can you get HCG injections?

Many HCG products in the market are fake. The products either do not contain this naturally occurring HCG hormone or contain trace quantities of it. So it is better to check whether the seller seems genuine or not.

But you need not go through all the trouble to find genuine sellers. On scouting for legal and trustworthy sources to buy HCG injections, I stumbled across the following sellers and brands.

US HCG Injections

I saw two very important features with US HCG Injections.

First is that you need to fill a medical questionnaire which will be reviewed by a licensed physician. This makes sure that you are not unknowingly exposing yourself with something that does not suit your body.

This is done through a telemedicine consultation. This avoids the necessity of meeting a doctor before ordering your HCG, thus saving time and money. These have been made in US compounding pharmacies which make sure you get the dosage that suits you. 

Secondly, they have competitive pricing that makes bulk buying easier on your pocket. All the required instructions are bundled up with the kit. They have Dr. Simeons Diet Protocol on their website for all to read and follow.

However, they do not ship internationally.

IHCG injections

First and foremost they ship internationally. They have their customer support and order tracking system, which helps us in every possible way. I got a good response from their side for every query I had in my mind regarding the HCG shots.

They even send you a free month of HCG injections if you show your weight loss progress in a video. Such a lucrative offer is for people have benefitted from the HCG shots plan. This itself is an attestation that many have benefitted from the HCG diet and injection regime.

Nu Image Medical

This is one of the trusted sources of HCG since 2004. Their kit comes with a complete instruction manual for mixing the shots. This is very useful for novices. However, they are a bit costlier than other competitors out there.

They have a dedicated team of doctors to provide you any assistance needed. They also provide telemedicine consultation. Their website provides answers to many common questions HCG users face. 

People who are new to HCG injections find it difficult to understand HCG mixing. Nu Image Medical has prepared a detailed and dedicated video just for explaining the mixing.

How to Take Nu Image HCG Injections [Video]

How to mix and give HCG shots?

It is extremely easy to mix as well as give yourselves the HCG shots.

  1. First, take an alcohol pad and clean the top surface of the bacteriostatic water vial.
  2. Now take another alcohol pad and clean the surface of the powdered HCG vial.
  3. Using a syringe withdraw 5ml Bacteriostatic water from the bottle.
  4. Now insert the syringe in the HCG vial slowly.
  5. Do not inject the entire liquid immediately.
  6. Inject into the side of the vial.
  7. Now gently roll the HCG vial between the palms of your hand to mix. Do not shake the vial.
  8. A dosage of 0.18ml – 0.20ml is sufficient.
  9. Take this dosage in the syringe and inject it into your muscles every day.
  10. Keep the vial refrigerated. Make sure you use the mixture within 1-2 months.

Why is HCG Injections better than other weight loss plans?

The HCG injection regime for weight loss follows a sound scientific principle. This makes it a popular choice amongst many.

Clinical trials have been conducted to see the efficacy of HCG in weight loss. The miraculous loss in weight has been attested by many. No wonder there are dedicated clinics for providing this treatment regime to people.

Some weight loss plans are extremely calorie deficit. This can lead to a nutrient deficiency which can cause other diseases and disorders in your body. HCG helps reduce weight by enabling access to the stored fat of your body itself.

It is not at all difficult to follow this weight loss regime as compared to the other grueling efforts people have been undertaking until now.

If possible combine your HCG shots with Vitamin B12. This is one of the most popular options for boosting the performance of HCG in your body. It encourages the burning of body fat. 

It is also possible to take these shots along with Lipotropic injections. These are known to burn fats faster while simultaneously satisfying your body with necessary vitamins and amino acids.

Importance of HCG injections in the HCG diet

The problem is the extra accumulated fat you need to get rid of. Only HCG injections have true HCG and only HCG can mobilize this stored fat for utilization. If we follow the HCG diet or a very low-calorie diet then the already stored fat won’t be mobilized easily.

On taking HCG injections, this fat would be used to provide the necessary nourishment to your body. Hence, it is ideal to use HCG injections in conjunction with a low-calorie diet.


From my personal experiences and on interacting and deliberating with various physicians I met, I believe HCG injections do have merit in them. Some of them have even shown me successful weight loss cases.

HCG successful weight loss cases

I have had a good experience with the HCG shots and have realized that clubbing the shots with HCG’s low-calorie diet would give optimum and quick returns. Another important fact is that though it is a medical intervention, you can give the shot to yourself.

I have found US HCG Injections more reliable and affordable. Nu Image Medical too is reliable but is a bit costly. If you are ready to spend extra, you may go for Nu Image Medical too.

If you are a first-timer then I would suggest you proceed with Nu Image Medical as they have a very interactive and informative website. The website is very immersive and makes you browse more without getting bored. Their products too come with a detailed instruction manual. This would ease you into the use of HCG shots.

HCG is a natural and revolutionary product pioneered in the 1950s by Dr. Simeons. No wonder they say that ‘Old is Gold.’

So now don’t wait for any more to achieve the dream physique and figure you always wished for. My experience with HCG injections has been phenomenal and now it’s up to you to get started on the HCG shots and see the difference for yourself.

Some tips – Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always drink more water when on the HCG diet and shots. Staying hydrated throughout the day will help the HCG injections work more effectively. So try drinking about 70 to 80 ounces of water every day by evenly spreading it.
  • Use genuine and high-quality HCG shots.
  • Take the shots every day at the same time. It is more about consistency than at what time you take the shots. The body gets accustomed to the time and the metabolism regulates itself accordingly.
  • Since you will accompany HCG shots with a low-calorie diet plan, you need adequate sleep so enable our body to function properly and efficiently. Adequate sleep avoids hormonal imbalances which can lead to mood swings.
  • Do not forget to strictly compliment your HCG shots with HCG diet. It is only then that you can get the best results in the minimum amount of time. Numerous resources are available to understand what diet best suits this weight loss regime.
  • Do not leave the HCG shots at room temperatures for more than 2-3 hours. You can carry them with you but take them as soon as possible. Keep them in an ice pack or cooler or a fridge.
  • HCG powder can be stored at room temperature but not the mixture. The mixture has to be kept in the cooler.
  • It is advisable not to use the product if it has changed its color.
  • If possible avoid alcohol when you are using HCG injections. It affects the performance of HCG as it tampers with the metabolism set in motion by the HCG diet and injections.
  • Avoid heavy exercise during this program. You may walk but avoid any other strenuous and exerting exercises.
  • Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding should not take HCG injections.
  • Patients who have a history of ovarian or testicular or prostate cancers should avoid HCG injections.
  • Your personal care products and cosmetics have fats in them. Since you are on a low-calorie diet you should avoid such products.
HCG Injections


HCG is produced both in male and female. However, it is produced in higher quantities in female and gets, even more, when the female is pregnant. The job of it is to make the mother’s fat as a source of calories to the fetus. That way, the fat is used as fuel. In this review, I’ve talked about the hormone, advantages, disadvantages, have mentioned ways in which you can take it, and also mentioned a few brands which are quite reliable when it comes to product quality.

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