A Definitive Guide to HCG Diet: What Is It And Does It Work

So, you have read about and tried many diets. You have probably done a good deal of research too. You have your mind boggled with various options for weight loss. You might even have tried out Yoga, Cardio, fasting, low-calorie, no-carb and a lot more; which may not have worked or may have partially worked on you.

If you have tried many cures to your weight problem but have not been successful, you have come to the right page. I can tell you why all the above options, and many more, don’t work after a certain level. Let’s understand the science behind it.

What is Weight Loss?

This term deals with reducing body weight on the scales. As body weight depends on muscle, water, bone density, plasma fluid and fat, reduction in weight could be reducing any of these.

When one goes on a traditional diet of reduced intake, the body starts by losing water and muscle mass after that. This contributes to initial weight loss, which later plateaus. Then what is ideal? Essentially fat loss is desirable.

Weight Loss versus Fat Loss

Fat is the storage mechanism of the body, and the body doesn’t subside easily. Let us take two examples. A Keto diet restricts carbohydrate intake in an attempt to make the body burn fat from its reserves. A low-calorie diet pushes the body to use up its stored fat and adipose tissue by controlling food intake. In both these kinds of diets, mild ketosis occurs. This could result in undesirable side-effects like body odor, halitosis, hair fall, wrinkled skin, and lack of energy.

Effective Fat Loss

Body fat is usually of three types. Organ fat is the normal fat which develops around vital organs to cushion them and fills the gaps inside the body. The second type of fat is the structural fat that forms a layer under the skin to give the skin support and toning. The third type is the reserve fat deposit, which the body locks away to store as adipose tissue, for emergency use.

When we start dieting, the body tends to reach out to normal and structural fat first and doesn’t involve the stored fat. Therefore, we end up with sallow skin and hair loss but bulges still intact. It would be ideal to lose the Adipose tissue and not natural and structural fat.

How to Lose Adipose Tissue?

My extensive research shows that we owe the answer to this to Dr. A T W Simeons. Dr. Simeons published his original work – “Pounds and Inches” way back in 1954. Essentially his work slammed fancy slimming-diets. He understood obesity and was convinced that losing adipose tissue has a strong connection to varying metabolism rate among the affected class. He declared obesity as a disorder, and so do I, strongly.

How to Lose Adipose Tissue

Any person suffering from this disorder will get fat whether they eat less or diet. What about them exercising and reducing fat or at least controlling it? Let us not beat around the bush. Sorry to sound depressing; but baring few exceptions their mind is instructed to stay lazy and refuse any hard work. Yes, the hypothalamus of such subjects works in a peculiar fashion where they feel great till the time they are stationary.

Again, there are claims of treatment which are supposed to curb hunger and reduce or control calories. Hold on! So, do they treat disorders? No, they may at best undergo a temporary control on weight gain, but stubborn fat – the third type does not go away easily. They are back to square one when the pills are stopped with their disorder as stubbornly in place as ever. Also, a fat body typically requires large calories to keep the body temperature normal and thus a need for high food intake and a more difficult tug of war.

Dr. Simeons’ research showed findings of low metabolism rate strongly connected to dwindling Testosterone level and its supporting control through hCG hormone. hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is essentially a supporting hormone for female ovulation process but had its secret role in boosting Testosterone levels in males.

This is where a vicious cycle of low testosterone and low metabolism and obesity is broken. Dr. Simeons has suggested a methodology of controlling weight and burning fat through a ‘cure’ of 6 – 7 weeks program constituting an hCG booster injection followed by a controlled diet of 500 calories.

Note: the hCG diet has nothing to do with hCG hormone as its constituent. The diet is not any chemical or booster drink nor any hormone induced stuff. This is just our daily/regular meal with certain permissible restrictions and is well connected to the treatment protocol. Again, to simplify protocol as a jargon, it is a system of governance or rule. In other words, it a set of diet rules along with the obesity treatment through hormone.

The next few sections are covered through a list of FAQs to understand the hCG diet. Just to simplify and appreciate.

Is it DIY (Do it Yourself) Stuff?

No. Self-diagnosis / help through a series of injection shots and low calorie may result in bigger trouble.

Is it Goal Oriented?

Yes. The treatment lasts 5 to 7 weeks, and weight loss expected is 1 pound per day during the peak of treatment. The target is to reach a normal weight.

The hCG Diet – Explained Briefly

The protocol lasts four to eight weeks starting with hCG injections for initial two three days, and this is called the fat loading phase. During this phase, consume what’s normally considered healthy food. No worries but consume whatever one wants to have like egg, yogurt, dairy, nuts, etc.

hCG Diet

The next phase is the diet phase. For hCG diet, stick to 500 calories, a rule that cannot be broken. And maintain quality, through home cooked food. This phase prevents the body from accumulating fat as the diet is limited to 500 calories for 4 weeks along with 25 to 40 doses of hCG injection. The treatment claims a weight loss of targeted one pound a week before moving to the last phase.

The last phase is the maintenance or stabilization phase where the subject needs to maintain a new targeted weight and maintain a calorie count of 1500 to 2000, based on the nature of the workload. Yes, the body is now trained for new metabolism rate and doesn’t accumulate fat like the earlier condition.

Let’s Jump to hCG Diet


Start with coffee or tea. The only deviation is, no sugar, please. Adding one tablespoon full of milk is allowed but only once a day. Some artificial sweeteners like stevia or saccharin can be taken.

Lunch: Limit diet to any of the following and the total not to exceed 100 grams.

Let’s start with vegetarian: Allowed stuff is spinach, green leaves, fresh salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage.

And for Non-vegetarians: White fish, chicken breast, crab, shrimp, lobster or beef. Get all the visible fat in the meat removed and measure the raw weight. Both vegetable and meat should be grilled or boiled without adding extra fat.

Note: Do not mix and match and if possible, try to have one kind of meat or vegetable during each meal. One bread-stick can be added, end up with half a grapefruit, a few strawberries or
an apple.

Dinner: Similar choices exist as mentioned for lunch.

Non- allowable: Strictly no oil, butter, or dressing. Not even olive oil.

Allowable: Sprinkle salt, pepper to add to taste. And for seasoning use thyme, parsley, garlic, mustard powder, vinegar, marjoram, sweet basil, etc.

One lemon daily is allowed for all purposes. Coffee and tea without sugar and milk, and plain or mineral water are the drinks that would be allowed.

It is perfectly OK and fine to have 2 liters or more of water each day. Contrary to normal notion body will take care of excessive water by throwing it out through urine.

You can break the recommended two mealsinto smaller versions. Grabbing an apple along with the allowable breadstick in the morning and dinner is fine, as long as they adjust well with the regular meals. It is recommended to have food fresh and not carry on for the next day. You can spread the portion of two fruits or two breadsticks over the day. It is advisable that patients maintain a diet sheet and keep a check on each meal before starting on the diet.relying on memory is not advised.

During this period should hCG be discontinued? – No

Does it matter from where calories come as long as it is less than 500?

It does. This diet used along with hCG must stay within 500 calories of consumption per day, and where these calories come from is extremely important. For example, if someone has one breadstick more in place of the apple, he will be consuming equal calories, but his weight loss will be negligible.

Many vegetables and fruits have equal or fewer calories than those allowed in the diet, but they do not promote loss of weight expected in the hCG diet. Some types of peppers, artichokes, lady finger and pears are some such examples of this theory.

How Does hCG Apply Across Demographic Conditions?

Some recommendations. Beef has more fat, so Americans, please jump to fish. However, avoid fatty fish like salmon. Similarly, avoid pickled stuff. Italians can settle for one Melba toast where grissini is not available.

Again among Indians, especially Hindus, who are used to dairy protein, must limit themselves to skimmed milk and take curds. While the fruit and suggested vegetables as above are perfectly OK, the usual intake of vegetable proteins from leguminous plants such as beans or wheat or nuts are to be avoided.

Rice? No. Embrace some sacrifice.

How much deviation from Prescribed Diet is Allowed?

Sorry! hCG diet is inflexible to protocol modifications and is very sensitive. Any deviation of even 100 or 200 calories from prescribed 500 is not allowed. Not only quantity but also quality has to be adhered to.

A deviation from the diet under hCG will have disastrous results as far as the weight is concerned. Many patients may be tempted to have eggs. Two large eggs will be almost like 100 grams of tender red meat in calories; especially since fat content in the yolk is high, which is undesirable. In that case, what about egg white? It’s OK.

Does hCG diet Interfere with Nature of Job?

Let’s stay practical. Persons with a sedentary lifestyle, white collar jobs as part of a case study are the ones who might have their social obligations to attend to where a polite ‘No’ can turn the conversation around their weight problems. This can get a bit embarrassing. I suppose we can avoid this, and take very small servings of everything, to make the plate appear filled. The calorie gain should be counter corrected in the next three days not to impact the efficacy of treatment.

Do Vitamins and Proteins get Flushed Out?

No, but it is OK to have Vitamin B supplements.

What are the Strict Don’ts?

  • The recommended dosage of hCG injections should not be stopped.
  • Don’t cheat. Two steps forward and five steps backward is the impact for a small detour or deviation. Naturally, the treatment duration can get extended.
  • Let us not deviate from prescribed food and try new food choices. We should stick to only one kind of fruit, vegetable, and protein at a time.
  • All three phases are mandatory. No skipping of phases as they are the roadmap to success.
  • Visit Gym and jog in the 2nd phase. Though we may not feel lethargic, but at the same time, we are not stocked with fuel. Light Yoga and walking are fine.
  • Let us not be over smart with appetite-reducing drugs like Dexedrine, Dexamyl, Preludin, etc.,
  • Pregnant women to stay away.

How does hCG Diet Impact Diabetics?

First, we assume that the diabetic obese person is undergoing the treatment under an experienced physician. That’s a statutory warning. The only concern could be hypoglycemia.

Typically, the blood sugar should not drop below normal, but on the event of trembling, sudden weakness or sweating, imperative is that the subject takes two spoonfuls of sugar immediately. Though under hCG, hypoglycemia does not produce any feeling of hunger. All these symptoms are almost instantly relieved on the consumption of two teaspoonfuls of sugar.

Some Interesting Facts:

An interesting feature of the hCG diet method is that during treatment the waistline, the hip, etc. also tend to reduce at a constant rate which is extraordinarily close to 1 cm, for every kilogram of weight lost. This relationship of weight to waistline reduction is not so obvious with patients who try to reduce by dieting only.

hCG treatment is supposed to burn abnormal fat, as explained initially. You’re near the goal when you hot the 3rd stage where your weight becomes normal.

Beyond that the treatment is self-limiting.


  • Stay positive and enthusiastic
  • Avoid high-fat meat.
  • Avoid partying.
  • Green tea is a good drink and can be taken a couple of times a day.
  • An apple a day, not two or three.
  • No cheating!
  • Make a couple of meals ahead of time but then not so much stale.
  • Avoid sugar.
  • No diet drinks or energy drinks.
  • Evaluate your beauty products usage.

Stay motivated!

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