About Us

At Griphyn we are passionate about everything related to health and fitness, particularly weight training and dietary supplements that can help you speed track your physical success.

Bodybuilding has come a long way from the days of Steve Reeves when every budding bodybuilder had a Joe Weider chart and 125 lb barbell set in his basement. 

Everyone in the gym is an expert about tri-sets, supersets, and pyramiding. It is now all about cutting edge nutrition and supplementation that provides an extra edge.

We are here to provide you information about the next step of fitness evolution. 

To burn fat and build muscle, lots and lots of it, you need exceptional information. You also need a store where you can reliably access all the products that you need, not growth hormones for cows from a basement lab in Poland.

We are here to provide you with information that matters and the supplements that allow you to achieve above-average results. 

At Griphyn it is not about how much more we know than others in the same trade. In spite of the fact that there are a few thousand websites about fitness, there is a strange lack that none of them integrate weight training with other sports. 

If you look at our team you will find that we have runners, triathletes and an MMA coach as part of our staff. Though weight training is used as part of training for every sport there is curiously little information about how a golfer or a cyclist can gain from it. 

With our own understanding and experience, we are here to fill that gap. 

Our aim or credo or motto, call it what you will, is to give you a first-class ringside view of what are the new developments, tell you what are the upsides and more importantly if there are any side effects.

How do these new cutting edge supplements actually fit into your routine as an athlete? Do you take Ostarine or Anavarol if you are a decathlete? These hard-to-crack queries are going to be our forte and we look forward to you asking us really difficult ones. 

There are all kinds of conflicting information out there about supplements. That is because someone writes about it from their armchair without ever having bench-pressed even 200 lbs or jogging a couple of miles.

Most of the sports supplements sold in the USA are not potent enough. Someone slaps a sticker on the side of a jar and says it is the best ever alternative to testosterone. 

Unless it is tested is there any proof? That is why we are a peer-review group who will test any new supplement that goes on sale and give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

Moreover, we promise to never be invested in any of the products we recommend. We shall not gain with paid reviews. We cannot be bought, it is as simple as that. 

Your trust in us is too important to fritter it away for a few dollars. Health and fitness is not a trivial thing. To many of us who have invested their life in its pursuit, it has an almost religious meaning.  

We have tried to be as frank as possible and tell you what we at Griphyn are trying to achieve. As you can see, this is not a canned speech but a talk from the heart. And that is what we always promise, to speak to you from our heart and give you the best advice we can.