Online Environmental Science Degree Programs

As the earth’s population expands, and with it industry and human consumption, educated individuals working as advocates for our planet are needed to help conserve the earth’s resources for future generations. Although working towards a better planet is a very noble cause and requires people with drive, commitment and passion, it also requires extremely specialized skill sets and a hefty amount of background knowledge. If you are looking to help heal our planet while making a good living, obtaining an online environmental science degree is the right place to start.


Both governmental bodies and individual businesses are starting to understand the vital importance of protecting our environment in a big way. New environmental legislation is being passed everyday and new standards are being imposed on businesses worldwide, resulting in a dramatic increase in environmental science careers.

Your environmental science degree will give you the chance to work as a researcher for the government or a non-profit agency or an in-house counsel for businesses looking to move forward in an environmentally friendly way. Many major developers, for instance, are now required to have environmental scientists on-hand as consultants. Businesses need you to help make sure they stay within government sanctioned environmental regulations and to strategize about improving their carbon footprint. The increased demand for educated professionals has also made environmental science careers much more lucrative. Although pay varies greatly based on the type of position you choose, environmental scientists made an average salary of $53,380 in 2007.


Students of environmental science will need classes that cover many areas, including:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • The use of stat-of-the-art technology within their field
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) technology
  • Environmental science students must also possess strong written and oral communication skills in order to effectively translate their specialized knowledge to their employers and fellow employees.

Learning all this might seem overwhelming, but getting an online degree in environmental science gives you an overwhelming advantage. By completing your degree online you will be able to make your own schedule. Being able to keep a full-time job and keep family commitments are major reasons more and more students are choosing online degrees these days. Don’t let anything get in the way on your quest to make this world a better place.