Learn Computer Programming and Earn a Degree Online

Do you love technology, have a strong mathematics background and enjoy telling a computer what to do? If you have the computer bug, perhaps a degree in computer programming is right for you. Although this field has enjoyed bountiful success and endless employment opportunities in the past, things are now slowing down and picking up a job based on self-learned skills is no longer a piece of cake.

The U.S. Department of Labor projects that programmers will need at least a Bachelor’s degree in computer programming to remain competitive in the top positions in their sector. But no need to worry, you can get that competitive edge needed to land your dream computer programming job by starting work towards an online computer programming degree today!


While a degree in computer programming might be more important now than in years past, it is also easier to get your degree than ever before. Many talented individuals cannot afford to put their lives on hold in order to attend traditional classes at a university or college. With an online degree, you can keep your current job, enjoy time with your family and learn computer programming from the comfort of your own home!

Your online computer programming degree also allows for 24-hour access to professors and professional computer scientists working for top U.S. companies. They are ready to answer any questions you might have along the way. There are many provided resources for online degree candidates as they learn computer programming.


Computer programming students first learn the basic theory and concepts behind programming. Once this background knowledge is absorbed, students are given specific coursework that allows them to immediately begin working with various programming languages. Courses are available in a number of additional areas related to computer programming, including:

  • Beta testing
  • Software game development
  • Software engineering methodologies
  • Operating systems
  • Web applications
  • Multimedia
  • Multi-player web games