Computer Engineering Degree: Online Colleges, Jobs and More

Computer engineers possess skills above and beyond those of computer scientists. Specifically, they are a hybrid of electrical and electronic engineers and computer scientists. They must not only be adept at the computer science skills of programming and networking but also have the ability to work with and create hardware. Computer engineers must understand the inner-workings of large distributed computer systems and thus be able to inspect the networking and operation of company systems. On a much smaller scale, they must also be able to design digital integrated circuits.

Computer Engineers are in much greater demand than computer scientists because of their wide range of skills. Secure an exciting and lucrative job in computers by working towards your online computer engineering degree.


As a computer engineer, you will use math, sciences and an in-depth knowledge of computer technologies. A large part of computer engineering is helping companies and businesses share information within the company on local area networks, LANs, and helping them conduct business with others on a wide area network, WAN. Computer engineers are needed in offices, health care buildings, government agencies and private companies.

Everyday new positions open up in computer engineering. In fact, computer engineering is one of the ten fastest growing career fields. You can also expect a generous starting salary, typically around 50, 000 or more, with plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement with continued experience.


The online advantage is flexibility. While earning your online computer engineering degree, you can keep a full-time job and earn valuable work experience and stay just as committed to your family or previous engagements. On their own time, students will become experts at many skills, including:

  • Repairing computers and networks that are not functioning properly
  • Implementing new software and systems for company network or software updates
  • Training employees to use new programs
  • Creating new programs for business management and efficiency
  • Development skills used in wireless and wired internet connections

An exhilarating new career in the ever-expanding technological world of computer engineering is waiting for you! Take your first steps towards a better future today.